Used Schema Features


Annotation: 0

lang Number of usages


Number Of Toplevel Elements: 2

Number Of Nested Elements: 6

Total Number of Elements: 8

Complex Types

Number Of Toplevel ComplexTypes: 3

Number Of Nested ComplexTypes: 0

Total Number of ComplexTypes: 3

Number of usages
Attribute 0
SimpleContent 0
ComplexContent 0
AttributeGroup 0
Group 0
Sequence 3
Choice 0
All 0

Simple Types

Number Of Toplevel SimpleTypes: 0

Number Of Nested SimpleTypes: 0

Total Number of SimpleTypes: 0

Number of usages
Union 0
List 0
Type Facets
length minLength maxLength pattern enumeration whiteSpace
Type Facets
maxInclusive maxExclusive minInclusive minExclusive totalDigits fractionDigits